One Island

Take the Gospel to an island that has never had a Christian witness.

One Island - Southeast Asia

Take the Gospel to an island that has never had a Christian witness. Travel with a small team by boat and motorcycle taxi, and share the Gospel with people who have never heard. Opportunities include: teaching English, scuba diving and/or snorkeling, exploring beautiful beaches and jungles and staying with local families. The island is close enough to a larger city to make it accessible, but it is still relatively untouched.


Project Details

One Blanket can make a huge difference

Make a difference in these kids' lives

Happy to have a blanket!

Goal: $160,000
Project Description

Discover opportunities on a remote island. Look for ways to improve the physical and spiritual quality of life. Teach English, stay with local families and find people of peace. Search for people who can impact the whole island. Change this nation, one island at a time.

Cultural Information

This is a Muslim area with a variety of Islamic belief. Men should wear tasteful short sleeve shirts, and it is best if they wear long pants. They should also bring a swimsuit and could bring some shorts. The weather is hot. There is much walking on roads, in the jungle and riding on the back of motorcycles, so you should dress appropriately. There will be opportunities to shop for local inexpensive souvenirs.

Geographic Information

This area is made up of eleven major inhabited islands as well as several smaller islands, many of which are uninhabited. This island is one of the smaller ones, but has several villages on it. You can easily get around the island in less than an hour using local transportation. There are hills and caves and the surrounding ocean is full of life, which can be viewed by diving or snorkeling. Upon initial entry, and prior to departure, some time will be spent in a larger city.

Urgent Needs

Here are specific ways your donation will help support this project.

Food for a family for a week $20
Small library for a village $1,000
House and training center to distribute aid $10,000
Completion of one room inside house and training center $500

* If total donations exceed the financial needs of this project, the funds may be used for similar projects in other areas of the world.